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Canada is one of the largest geographical countries in the world with population of about 36 million. Its educational system is outstanding and its health care ranked amongst the best in the world. Its multicultural and diversity makes it unique and welcoming. It is a highly developed country with a high standard of living. The path way to citizenship is clear and practical.

If you are considering relocating, visiting or studying in Canada, contact us to advise you on the various immigration and visa programs available and confirm your eligibility as well as assist you with the application process.

Our immigration practice areas include:

  • Express Entry
  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Family Class Sponsorship
  • Provincial nominee programs
  • Applications for investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons
  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • Visitors Visa
  • PR Card renewal
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Refugee claims
  • Motion for stay of deportation
  • Appeals


Your business is an integral part of your life; it is a source of livelihood and demands the investment of a lot of your time and sacrifice. You must always ensure that it is legally formed; compliant with existing laws and regulations; protected from liabilities; and its interests are protected. All of these help with the smooth running of business.

We offer advice and assist in

  • Business formation/incorporation
  • Dissolving a corporation
  • Corporate filings
  • Maintaining corporate records
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Partnership agreements
  • Contract/Agreement drafting and review.


A will is an important document to have. It governs your affairs and properties after your demise. It is a means by which you are able to control how your wealth and affairs are distributed or managed after you are gone and ensure that your wishes are granted.

We will be pleased to assist you in preparing a Will that effectively captures all your wishes and plans.

Continuing Power of Attorney is a legal document in which a person gives someone else the legal authority to make decisions in a number of matters ranging from financials, properties, health care, etc. It is used after the person who gave it is no longer mentally capable of making the decisions themselves. By making a continuing Power of Attorney, you are able to plan ahead and be confident that the plans will be carried out.

We offer services in the preparation of continuing powers of attorney for property and personal care.


Real Estate is a tangible and reliable savings and investment mechanism. There is a settling, satisfying and rewarding feeling one gets from owning real estate.

As life happens, there comes a time when one feels the need to put down roots, settle and build a home (First time home buyers, New home or Resale Buyers) OR

funds become available and a need to invest arises (Investment purchasers) OR

there is a need that requires you to tap into your equity in your home or sell your home (Refinance or Sale) OR

you need advice on the legal implication of a prospective real estate transaction or advice concerning an ongoing real estate transaction (Independent Legal Advice) OR

you need a comprehensive lease or rental agreement drafted for you.



Many people in Ontario live as tenants and pay rent or collect rent as Landlords of a property.

We spend many hours in our home, it’s where we rest, connect and recover. There is great pride in the possession of your own property or unit. Whether it’s for the purpose of renting or personal use, we understand that our clients desire to maintain the value of their property and exercise their rights.

The landlord- tenant relationship is a contract, often laid out in a tenancy agreement that outlines the terms and legal obligations of both sides. When terms of the agreement are not kept, that is where we at UO Law step in.

We assist landlords and tenants in:

  • Preparing the appropriate Notices and forms
  • Eviction Applications
  • Applications to the Board regarding tenant rights
  • Acting as legal representative in Board hearings

Your residence and/or property is important to you. Let us help you navigate the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario, and work to solve your legal issues.