New Changes to the Canadian Express Entry Program

  • By:okebugwuadmin
A recent ministerial instruction in respect to the Express Entry Program published in the Canadian Gazette has seen new changes to the Express Entry Program in terms of the Comprehensive Ranking Score (‘CRS’).
Highlights of the changes are as follows:
1. Job offers which were awarded 600 points are now worth 200 or 50 points depending on the occupation;
2. Canadian study is now a factor to which points are assignable. Points anywhere from 15 – 30 are available for this category depending on the level of education attained in Canada;
3. The duration of time within which to apply for PR after receiving an ITA which was 60 days is now 90 days.
These changes has the consequence of making the pool more competitive as most people who had job offers will drop in points, increasing the number of people in any CRS bracket. It is anticipated to also cause the CRS for candidates issued an ITA to decrease.
These changes took effect on  November 19, 2016.
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