The Language Test Requirement and the Express Entry System

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Today’s blog is about the much talked about Language Test requirement in the new Express Entry System set up by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (‘IRCC’) for Permanent Residence Application.

The new system

As you know, Express Entry is a new system set up by IRCC in a bid to accelerate the Permanent Residence application process. The Express Entry allows you create an online profile from which you will be put in a pool of candidates and awarded a ranking score. Candidates with the highest score get invited to apply with every round of invitation published. With the new system, you are required to take the requisite Language Test before setting up your profile.

How important is the Language test?

IRCC requires you to prove your language skills by taking a language test approved by IRCC. For English speaking candidates within Canada, Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP General Training) is required. For International English speaking candidates, International English Language Testing System (IELTS General Training) is required.  French speaking candidates are required to take the Test d’evaluation de Français (TEF).

A lot of English speaking candidates take the English test for granted and do not pay much attention to preparing for it likewise French speaking candidates and the French test.

The language test is very significant in achieving a high ranking score to be able to get invited to apply for permanent residence.  The way the ranking system is structured, higher points are awarded to candidates with high language test results for certain assessment grids. A good language test result can help a candidate with the relevant years of work experience and levels of education obtain the maximum points assignable to those grids and ultimately get a higher ranking score.

What is a good test result?

The language test is broken down into Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. International tests are benchmarked against Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and Niveaux de competence linguistque canadiens (NCLC).  CLB 7 (which is about 6.0 IELTS) and NCLC 7 (which is about 315 TEF) are the basic language test result required.

A good language test result is regarded as CLB 9 and above (which is about 8.5 and above IELTS) and NCLC 9 and above (which is about 375 and above for TEF).

The goal with the Express Entry system is to obtain as much points as possible to be ranked high enough to get invited to apply for Permanent Residence and getting a good language test result is a good and guaranteed place to start.

So if you are looking to apply through the Express Entry System, take the language test seriously, prepare properly and give it your best, because it might just be your secret key to unlocking your relocation dreams!  Contact us if you are looking to relocate to Canada.

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